Mapping My Social Media

Over the last several years, I have really gotten
into using Social Media to share my opinions, and things I like such as
NASCAR and NFL. As a Talk Show host, I want to be where my listeners are and
pull them into my own community. To do so was tricky. It required joining
multiple sites like Facebook, Twitter, Xanga, Plurk, to name a few. Then
logging into each of these sites and copy and pasting my “status updates”.
Well, that was just to tedious. I figured there must be an easier way; a way
to post to one service and have it “forward” to all the other services. Low
and behold, I found Ping.FM. Ping is definitely a Social Media persons main
tool. But things got a little more complicated, like what if I wanted to
tell my followers that my radio show had started. But to do that everyday
right when the show started, or even several minuted before became a hassle
to. So I found Tweetlater, which is now called
This service allows me to schedule updates, so I don’t have to manually do
it at that time! What is also great about SocialOomph is that it is a Social
Media control panel. You can set up multiple Twitter, Ping.FM, Facebook,
StatusNet, Blogs and RSS Feeds! You can manage your followers in one place,
find people to follow, vet them, and add them to your groups in your control
panel. It’s really a time saver. Well, this is a Reader’s Digest version of
how I use some of the tools available. There are others, such as Hootsuite,
HelloTxt, Yahoo Pipes, and more! I’ll write more about these
services on my CAB Radio blog in the coming weeks and cross post here for
you to read. Let me know how you use social media! I’m always interested in
learning new ideas.

Posted via web from Charlie Profit Report