The Future of Health Care Is Social | Fast Company

But what’s often lost in the gun-toting Town Hall debates about the issue is a clear vision about how medicine could work in the future.

Isn’t it absurd that almost every writer (this one included) has to put a partisan slant on issues of national debate? The problem I have with this comment, as it relates to the whole article is that it really was not necessary. The article is about the future of healthcare and how technology will aid in the management of our personal health. It was not only unnecessary, it was an irresponsible comment. The authors had an ability to get the attention of the reader in a neutral tone offering possible solutions to problems we face. Instead, the authors took the path to show partisanship and continue to divide the debate on healthcare. If you really want my attention, stop being insulting and partisan. It is possible to have a discussion without being demeaning. Just stick to the facts of the issue. Stop trying to “one-up” each other and simply discuss the facts.

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