Today’s success quote is from Pablo Picasso

Today’s Success Quote

Our success quote today come from world renowned artist, Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso Success Quote

A “journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step”. It is imperative to understand to have success, even to gain forward progress in life we must be doing something to that end. Success will not magically arrive at our doorstep. Although, Publisher’s Clearing House may want us to believe that! Even then, one would have to take action. To win the Publisher’s Clearinghouse prize one would have to order a magazine subscription. Or at least have entered their name into the drawing. Action is inevitable.

Inaction is a curse

When the going gets tough, are we tough and always get going? Sometimes, we can get in a rut and it’s paralyzing. I know that feeling. Recently I’ve had to get out of a rut (still working on it). When we are stuck it is incumbent upon us to do something to get unstuck! Do anything that will help engage our mind and body to keep a positive flow of energy in our life. The easiest things to do is to do nice things for people. For both people we know and strangers alike. When we do community oriented things, doors can open that we may otherwise not know about. However if we don’t do something to take action, success will pass us by.

If you are in a rut and feel paralyzed as I have, it helps to have someone to talk to. Someone who has been there and can offer guidance to help you take the action necessary to move forward. Usually there are people in our Churches that can help. Sometimes it is a family member, good friend, confidant or coach. Whoever it is in your life, speak with someone to get a different perspective on your situation. All you might need is a new perspective to help you take action.

Taking my own action

Bozitive Motivation is one thing I am doing to move forward to find my own success. I am hoping that these daily posts will inspire the greatness in you. It is my hope that you will enjoy them enough to share with your friends, family, fans and foes so that they too will be inspired and enjoy them. And if you feel blessed by the motivation, we welcome tips or donations of any amount! Click the PayPal logo on the page. Gotta pay for the email service and web hosting some way. : )

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