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The Boz

BozIf you are new to my website, my name is Charles Bosworth. People call me Boz, a nickname I got in high school. I am also known as the radio personality and talk host Boz Profit (formerly Charlie Profit). It’s nice to meet you. Please take a moment to connect with me either via emailĀ or through one of your favorite social networks.

This website is my home on the web. It is my social-sphere. I believe the most valuable place on the internet is one’s own website, and that the social networks are hubs to find people with similar interests and start new relationships. But then, people should connect via email, phone, text, and in-person.

Here is where I originate most of my content: my status updates, what I am listening to, what I am reading and what I write about. My content is then shared to the social networks I am connected to. If you are here and like something I have posted, please do click the share buttons found at the bottom of each post.

I am also linking to my projects, so this website acts as a central hub. If you see something you would like to get involved in, please let me know. Collaboration is key in the new economy.